Safety Consulting Services

At Public Safety Specialists, we define quality as the delivery of exceptional services in a timely manner through clear communication and attention to detail. We take the opportunity to represent clients personally, through the quality of our work, because we understand that our reputation is only as good as our last project. 


Properly documenting plans, policies and procedures is key to achieving goals and planning succession. We help you develop resources that will pay dividends for years to come. Our expertise includes developing plans that enable organizations and businesses to sustain operations during and after major disasters.


Following catastrophic events, our public safety personnel work with engineers from Bracken Engineering, Inc. to fully assess the situation. This includes reviewing and evaluating existing conditions, documenting and assessing the extent of damage (particularly to a structure’s components and systems), and providing design, consultation and direction to support emergency shoring and hazard mitigation efforts.



Plans are most effective when your personnel are accustomed to using them. We provide a number of training programs from entry-level to specialist-level. We can also conduct Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) compliant exercises to test your personnel and plans. These exercises are also useful for documenting requisite improvements.


After a disaster, the first critical recovery step is conducting a post-event assessment. It is also the most dangerous. We have extensive experience in large-scale events, giving us an understanding of best practices and potential risks that is not offered by any other provider. This know-how cannot be achieved through typical training scenarios; however, it is vital in preparing for and reacting to disasters.


Develop or enhance your health and safety programs with the help of our engineers and public safety personnel. Prepare systematically and comprehensively by starting with an accurate threat and risk vulnerability assessment. Our expertise in all-hazard risk and vulnerability assessments provides you with actionable assessments and workable solutions, permitting you to take the steps needed to mitigate issues.


A large-scale disaster can overwhelm or overextend the best-prepared community. We provide you with support not only for initial operations but also for sustained operations. Our in-depth, real-world experience can be focused on any situation you encounter. Following catastrophic events, our public safety personnel work with engineers from Bracken Engineering, Inc. to fully assess the situation. 


We have extensive project management experience. Whether your project is simple and short-term or complex and multi-year, it will be conducted cost effectively and on schedule.


On average, each of our key staff members has more than 25 years of experience managing emergencies, from large-scale unified-command incidents to local incidents. This allows us to assist your organization in managing even the most complex scenario.


Effective communication is key in crisis situations. Collaborating to clearly communicate the goals, objectives and desired outcomes of your response is indispensable in managing an incident. We can facilitate this.


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