Ron Rogers, Director

Ron is responsible for the day to day management of PSS field operations, training, client contracts and the disaster preparation for Bracken Engineering, Inc. Ron’s more than 34 years of progressive training, experience and practice in the public safety sector provided extensive experience interacting with private sector, government, and nonprofit entities.  His experience managing a 1,000 plus employee public safety organization demonstrated his abilities as a skilled administrator and leader.  Ron provided emergency relief to those affected by natural disasters on numerous occasions as the leader of an Urban Search and Rescue (US&R) task force.  He also has experience directing facility construction, renovation and relocation efforts.

Prior to joining Bracken Engineering, Ron served for nearly 33 years in numerous public safety roles with Hillsborough County, FL notably as the Special Operations Chief (1999-2006) and Fire Chief (2011-2015).  He is a founding member of Florida US&R Task Force-3 (FL-TF3) where he served as the Program Manager for the last seventeen years (1999-2016).  

In his role with FL-TF3, Ron commanded 10 Type I and II US&R incidents.  One of these involved Ron commanding all US&R operations in the eastern half of the Mississippi Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina.  Ron managed State and Federal US&R resources in the ten days immediately following landfall.  Ron has received numerous awards including the Florida HazMat Responder of the Year, Davis Productivity Award for the Florida US&R Program Implementation, Florida Search & Rescue Responder of the Year and the Thomas Yatabe Certificate of Outstanding Achievement. As the special operations chief, Ron was responsible for OSHA compliance for the organization and the specialized response team. Ron established himself as a subject matter expert on occupational safety and the real world application of the standards.


Disaster response, Urban Search & Rescue (US&R) operations, emergency planning, project management, grants management, workplace safety, crisis communications, training, technical writing, procurement, Homeland Security, National Incident Management System (NIMS), active shooter planning/response


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