Nathan Rogers, Sr. Training Specialist/SME

Nathan Rogers is the Sr. Training Specialist for Public Safety Specialists.  He is responsible for course preparation, development and the instruction of safety subjects for our clients.

Prior to joining Bracken Engineering, Nathan served for nearly 13 years in several public safety roles, most notably as the Emergency Medical Technician (2003-2004) and Fire Medic (2004-Present).  During his time as an EMT at Brandon Regional Hospital, Nathan worked in the emergency department assisting in the care of acutely ill or injured patients including cardiac arrests, heart failure, stroke, limited trauma injuries. He provided such services as performing 12 lead EKGs, blood draws for lab work, assisting with sutures and minor surgical procedures and reduction and splinting of fractures. 

As a Fire Medic for Hillsborough County Fire Rescue, Nathan’s current duties include fire suppression and field treatment of emergent medical conditions and traumatic injuries. In addition to basic firefighting and medical requirements Nathan is qualified as an Acting Driver Engineer. This requires the safe and speedy transportation of varying fire apparatus to and from emergency scenes as well as correct operation of fire pumps and deployment of various hose lays and suppression operations. Nathan has been assigned to Special Operations for the last four years. Nathan’s special operations training has included extensive involvement with OSHA standards associated with the general and construction industries. It has also allowed him to see the impact of the improper application of the standards.


Disaster response, US&R operations, fire service, EMS, occupational safety, Training, Homeland Security, active shooter planning/response


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